Art & Hymns

A few years ago I got into painting, acrylics on canvas mostly. I consider painting, or playing with color, to be a spiritual practice. I celebrate each color and the way it moves and connects with other colors to create a new color. I love experimenting with the ways the colors change and connect with one another, what colors seem to naturally flow and which ones create a strange dissonance.
I began to have so many paintings (canvas and furniture) that I thought I’d try to sell them to raise money for the Corner Table. uneARTh is the place where I put my stuff to see if people would be interested. Someone suggested I do some type of hymn – art, but I didn’t like covering the hymns with words, so last fall I started to explore watercolor hymns. I asked the staff at my church about their favorite hymns and gave them each a gift for Christmas, of a watercolor hymn.

At Wild Goose this summer (and last), all throughout the program I noticed “beer and hymns.” In the late evening, in the afternoon, workshops about how to start your own….If you’ve never been to a beer and hymns before, I definitely recommend it, at least once. After a few times, meh.

During some down time this summer at the Goose I began to think about what workshop I would lead next summer. I’ve led workshops the past two summers and it was great, but I wanted more of a connection with people than just presenting on a topic.

Then it came to me, Art & Hymns! like beer and hymns, but without the beer (maybe?), better hymns to sing, and playing with various colors and art mediums while we sing!

I hope to present Art & Hymns as a workshop next year at Wild Goose, but I figured, why wait? So I’ve held it twice at my church, and at this point have two more churches lined up this fall to share the experience with.

The thought is simple, get together and sing some hymns, and do art with the hymns. You can use watercolor, crayons, decoupage, whatever!

*From now til the end of 2019, you can commission a watercolor hymn for a donation to the Corner Table Soup Kitchen.
*Contact me if you’re interested in me leading an Art & Hymns experience.

Now go, sing loudly and play with color!

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