Sunday Morning Commute

IMG_1441It used to feel like my husband and I woke up “before God” on Sunday mornings to make the thirty minute commute to the church where I serve as a Deacon. Before this month, we would get up around 6:45am (don’t judge; that was super early for us), crawl out of bed to turn on the coffee, and struggle (mostly in silence) to get out the door by 7:30. We spent the thirty minute commute either in silence (because neither of us had consumed enough coffee to be of mind to carry on a conversation…it’s a miracle I was even alert enough to drive…and that there weren’t many other cars on the road to matter…) or listening (again, in silence) to the radio. We would occasionally talk about ministry stuff, my obligations for the day, what we were going to have for lunch, etc. but mostly…silence…

Until, September came along.

We declared September “health month” in our house because we both gained weight over the summer and were determined to lose it (I am happy to report that I have!)…meaning…cutting down on “bad habits,” keeping track of calories on myfitnesspal, and…getting up at 6am every.morning. to walk 2-3 miles. (it’s the 26th of the month and there have only been three days where we failed to walk…but that’s another post…)

About two weeks in, something amazing happened. We were on our way to church, when we suddenly…started…talking! But not just TALKING…we started sharing all that we were thankful for. We shared back and forth pretty much the whole way there what all we were thankful for. It was such a beautiful, spirit-filled space of praise.

We did the same thing the past few weeks, and again, it was amazing how in that small space of our Matrix, our senses were opened to God’s presence among us as we shared praises and thanks for the many blessings all around us. By the time we got to church, we were not only more awake than we had been before our “thanks-sharing” but we were almost giddy with the Spirit, excited with anticipation at how God would continue to move throughout the morning.

*When are there moments in your life where you can share praise and thanksgiving?

*When are there moments in your life where you can adjust a little for God to move in unexpected ways? *

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