Unexpected Affirmations & Scary Things

The snow has finally faded away for the most part in Evanston, so I decided this morning to change my cover photo on facebook. While I was at it, I figured I’d also change my profile picture, since my current one as of this morning was from October. I don’t have a recent picture from my recent haircut so I changed it to a picture from like, a year ago, the last time I had gotten my hair cut short.

I didn’t expect anything of it, because I had posted the picture before. I even hid the change from my timeline. 

Yet, ALL DAY my friends were “liking” my profile picture change and noting how beautiful it was.

I couldn’t help but laugh every time, at the silliness of liking a picture a year old. It was so…unexpected…to have all these people liking this old picture.

Many people change their facebook profile picture hoping that people will like it. But today I didn’t expect anything.

Lately I’ve been trying new things. Scary things, for me. Way out of my comfort zone. And it feels so good! Letting go of my insecurities and fears and just BEING myself. It’s so awesome and rewarding to do that, to put myself out there so raw, and receive so many affirmations and love from people (hint: we are no longer talking about changing a profile picture).

Submitting an article for a journal to consider for publishing, singing in front of hundreds of people without my guitar/invisibility shield, posting things on facebook that even months ago I wouldn’t have…

I have heard several motivational speakers challenge the audience to “do something scary every day.” I never took it to heart. And I’m still not sure about the “every day” part of it, but I can attest that lately I’ve been having a blast.

What would be a scary thing for you to do? What have you done lately outside your comfort zone? Where have you experienced unexpected affirmations lately?

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