Just another Monday in the life of a Youth Minister

My alarm went off at 7:35 am. I turned it off, rolled over, and snuggled for another 45 minutes with my puppies. Jonathan rolled over and I reminded him of our getting up to walk a few miles before having to leave for church.

I got up around 8:20, checked my emails and was delighted to have very few. (I guess many folks coming back from Spring Break vacations haven’t quite settled in to answering my emails yet.)

We walked three miles with the dogs. A huge accomplishment for us, because we rarely have the time. And because it hasn’t been above 40 in a looooooooooooooong time.

We left the house around 11am, and was greeted by one of my youth’s parents when we walked in the church office around 11:30. Well actually, our dogs were greeted by her. (On days we’re gone to church for more than 9 hours we bring the dogs with us.) We chatted for awhile about spring break, the kids, what we’ve been up to for awhile, and went to my office to work on a project together.

While she was pulling up the project on my computer, I went across the hall to chat with the pastor to catch up on some members’ health concerns, to share how exciting Youth Group was last night, and some other updates about upcoming events.

Finishing the project with my youth parent led me to promoting this film screening my church is having. I had made a flyer the week before to promote the event, so now it was time to spread the word. I spent about an hour posting it everywhere on facebook and on our website and emailing it to people…all while answering various emails to finish setting up the logistics for our Youth Sabbath Retreat this weekend and figuring out how to schedule our makeup sessions for confirmands who had missed a session (or 3).

I sent several emails/text messages about both our Sabbath Retreat and the Confirmation makeup sessions to make sure everyone had the information they needed.

I took a moment to post about missing posting yesterday.

I browsed twitter for any funny/enlightening/informational messages and thankfully found none so I wasn’t distracted for long.

My husband prepared lunch for us (pimiento cheese pitas and carrots) and I took a moment to hear what he was up to (reading/writing, the usual PhD stuff).

I returned to figure out what I was going to share at our Church Council meeting tonight (a report on our children’s/youth ministry) and responded to some emails setting up a meeting with an area church’s mission coordinator to seek partnership in promoting a missions fundraiser for the area food pantry. Meanwhile I was checking to make sure our secretary had the names of the youth who are signed up to be liturgist and lead graphics (powerpoint) in this coming Sunday’s worship service (and that their parents knew what time they needed to be there).

I received and sent a background check form for one of my adult chaperons for youth events.

I filled out a check request form for this film screening we’re having.Continued to share/promote said film screening.

Sent a happy birthday text to one of my youth parents.

Prepared three makeup sessions for our confirmands for Sunday (which are abridged versions of an already condensed lesson, *sigh*).

Reflected for a few moments on how awesome my youth are and how cool youth group was last night…where  I helped some middle school youth learn a song for their school’s talent show; we experienced prayer stations, shared what was going on in our lives, began planning songs for the Good Friday service the youth traditionally lead, laughed a LOT, and ran around the church yard crazy because it was over 40 degrees. #goodtimes

I updated the church website, went for a walk with the dogs and ran into one of my youth; my husband made dinner for us (lasagna and veggies), and I greeted a family who was here to meet the pastor to plan a memorial service.

And then I got to hang out with the coolest Church Council ever, for a little over two hours of discernment, sharing, evaluating, and planning.

I love being in ministry with people. I love administration, I love spending time with people, I love the chaos that is wearing a hundred hats each day. I love being able to bring my dogs to work and having a partner who understands, appreciates, and supports my ministry. I love being able to use all the gifts God has given me, even when I’m not sure what is happening or if I’m doing it well or not.

I love being able to sleep in until 8:15 on days when I’m going to be at church until 9:15pm.

Most of all, I love that every Monday is different. that every DAY is different, that some days I’m never in the office because I’m out in the community, and other days I’m in the office all day; that some days I’m writing lessons, preparing music, or setting up prayer stations, and others i’m listening to a stranger tell me what’s going on in their life or laughing and running around the yard with my youth.

Praise God for these holy, sacred chaotic moments. Praise God for this day.

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