Out of the Office: recent experiences in relational ministry

Yesterday I walked across the yard to the elementary school and tutored a few students in math. I love going into the elementary school and seeing what my (church) kids experience each day. It’s like a small window into their world. And the kids I work with are so adorable.

Last night I went to support two of my youth in a production of the musical Legally Blonde. One was a singer/dancer in the show, and one was in the stage crew. It was overwhelming and intense, but overall really good. It was awesome to go and support my youth and all the hard work they put into the musical. We didn’t get home until 10:45pm and since I’m 30 now I feel like I can say without guilt, that is late for me.

I got up an hour earlier than normal this morning (around 6:20am) to get ready to go to my youth’s middle school talent show. Six of my youth were in the show, and I helped them prepare their songs, so it made it even more special that I got to go. It totally made it worth it when I entered into the gym and two of the youth ran across the gym to give me a hug, and another yelled out to me from the student seating. #daymade

Needless to say, I’m incredibly exhausted. I haven’t been sleeping well lately because of several reasons, so this extra lack of sleep in the late night/early morning stuff is definitely taking its toll on me now. But…

I love my job. I love working with youth. I love their energy and excitement and enthusiasm. And I love their parents, who are totally awesome and caring and encouraging. I was sitting with four parents and three sets of grandparents. It was like a huge cheering section from our church.

I love connecting with kids and youth and parents outside of church. It’s one of the most rewarding parts of my ministry…to go out and meet the youth and kids where they are; to see their world, what they experience each day. It helps me understand more about them and what they go through; it helps me connect with them more fully, to have greater insight into how to help them develop their faith.

Beyond all that, it communicates to them that I care about them, that they matter, that they are loved.

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