Flower Power

It seems like I’m usually in a rush to get somewhere. Not because I have to be; I’m usually way early, way overprepared, and have plenty of time to get where I need to be. Yet, I find myself hurried, rushed, overly anxious for no reason other than the weird feeling like I need to BE where I’m going. I’ve never been part of the “enjoy the journey” crowd. It was always about the destination for me.

Even since I’ve been able to recognize the value of the journey, I find myself resorting back to the initial impulse of rushing through things. Yet, there’s something that almost always stops me in my tracks. The entry way to my church.


It is always so beautiful. When it was snowy, it was packed so high from shoveling that it was over my knees. Such a sight to see for this southerner. When it’s fall, there’s so many amazing colors. But my favorite, at least for this very brief walk from my car to the door, is the tulips in spring. Such beautiful flowers.

They’ve been waiting, trying so hard to open up. I’ve been waiting, enjoying watching their journey; feeling the energy from them just yearning to burst forth into glorious color. And today they decided to open.
imageWhat a joy it is to walk by this each day! What a joy to pause and take a picture. What a joy to see the various colors and the different ways the tulips open or stubbornly stay closed, not quite wanting to wake.

Praise God for the flowers. Praise God for the journey.


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