Pizza Update – The aftermath of a Lenten discipline

Jonathan and I gave up pizza for Lent. It was hard at the beginning, but it got easier and easier as we went along. The first pizza I had after Easter was Dominos…and it just wasn’t the same! We’ve had Papa Johns twice since Easter, and it’s been okay…but we both only ate two pieces…half of what we used to eat.

We actually ate healthier during Lent. We have been eating more vegetables, more fruits; different types of proteins, and just healthier things in general – things I would not have eaten before our Lenten discipline practice. I have more energy, feel less sluggish, and can actually tell a difference in how my body feels. It’s amazing! I would not have believed someone if they told me giving up pizza for 45 days would change my body, but it did!

Which makes me wonder, why am I surprised that a Lenten discipline would actually change me?

After all, we (at least kept telling ourselves) were not giving it up for “diet” reasons. It was really to develop healthier habits for dealing with stress; which, while we may have not excelled at it, I do think we “passed.”

Isn’t that what disciplines are supposed to do, though? transform our thoughts and behaviors and reorient our way of life to a healthier (or more orderly) mindset?

It’s funny how God keeps working in, around, and through us, even when we’re completely oblivious.


How have you been transformed by a certain spiritual discipline/practice?

How has God worked through you despite your not paying attention?



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