Soul Restoration

Feeling tired? Stressed out? In the midst of grief?

Here’s a short list of ways to renew your soul for the journey…

-take a deep breath. or ten, slow, deep breaths.
-give yourself some grace. your to-do list can wait.
-go for a walk. not for exercise, but for your soul. an intentional, slow walk where you can look around at the beauty of God’s creation and simply be.
-exercise. like, super sweaty stuff where you’re so focused on surviving breathing/form that you forget about everything else. i recommend hot yoga.
-call a friend
-go out to lunch and catch up with a friend
-paint something abstract or watercolor (something you can’t really “mess up”)
-listen to music. it may take a few stations before you figure out what you need most.  try rock, dance, indie, country, jazz
-sing. at the top of your lungs. throwback tunes from middle school.
-breathe in, then sign a deep, loud breath. repeat. (you may need to warn you co-workers if you’re doing this at work)
-stand up. raise your hands to the sky. rainfall your fingers down to your sides as you exhale. touch your toes. wiggle your arms as you breathe out and release everything to the ground. slowly come back up, raise your hands to the sky. rainfall your fingers down to your sides. breathe in, breathe out.
-google image search “puppies” or “baby animals”
-go for a walk through a local garden and celebrate all the pretty plants and flowers  (even a home improvement store garden department works)
-close your eyes and lay down somewhere comfortable for five minutes. (or an hour)

What would you add to this list?



“Be still and know that I am God.” -Psalm 46:10

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  1. […] I told a colleague of mine the other day, what I’ve learned most from my grief experience is that grace is your best friend.  When grief arrives as an unexpected visitor or one who overstays their welcome, accept it with a large heaping side of grace. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself in the midst of grief. Do what you need to rest and restore your soul. […]


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