New Confirmation Resource!

What Confirmation curriculum do you use?
We used to use X curriculum but it doesn’t fit our group; I’m tired of writing my own stuff, what other options are there?
How do you structure Confirmation?
We only have two kids in this year’s Confirmation class – should we still do it?
How do we involve church members as mentors in Confirmation?
Help! Our kids are bored during Confirmation – how can we make it fun and engaging?

Confirmation is one of the most asked-about-topics in Youth Ministry-Christian Education discussion groups. Every youth ministry conference I’ve attended, someone asks a Confirmation related question. A few years ago I shared my thoughts on Confirmation in the United Methodist Church and challenged the way we think about Confirmation toward a more practical, inviting, integrative process of discipleship.

I’m very excited to share that the brilliant Dr. Jonathan LeMaster-Smith and I created a Confirmation curriculum! “Dr. J” is passionate about rural ministry and has developed a fruitful partnership with Hinton Rural Life Center. Together we wrote a curriculum for United Methodists that is engaging, inexpensive, adaptable, and written with small rural churches in mind.

What I love about it:

  • It’s affordable! Only $10 per participant.
  • It is adaptable for use in a variety of contexts. While we wrote it with small rural churches in mind, it is written to be adaptable for each group to decide how they use it. Each session includes a variety of activities so that you can pick and choose what works best for you. You can change the order of sessions to fit your needs.
  • It is grounded in United Methodist theology.
  • It is digital! Meaning, we are able to adapt it as the denomination shifts and provide extra resources to enhance the curriculum.

For more information, check out Hinton Rural Life Center’s THEOTOKOS Confirmation offerings.

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