SHOW UP (or not)

What does it mean to show up, in your life right now? To attend a meeting/event; to be undistracted and fully present with a loved one; to fulfill a commitment in the order that you signed up for it?

Are you in charge of anything that relies on people to show up? Committees, events, etc.? Are you the type of person to show up to every committee meeting & event you said you would? To get to work early and stay late, making sure everything on your to do list is done?

Who are you showing up for? your kids? your parents? your coworkers? your boss? your community? yourself?

Take a deep breath. Be honest with yourself for a moment.
Does “showing up” mean that you’re denying caring for your body, mind, and soul to the point of exhaustion or physical manifestations of stress? Does “showing up” mean choosing to let go of something that isn’t as important in favor of spending time with people you care about?

Life is short, yall.

There will always be plenty of meetings to show up for; events to attend; job functions to perform; people to take care of, people to impress, people to please.

You can only show up for so much, until there’s nothing left of you to show up with. Give your all to your work, what’s left for you and your family/friends? Show up to all the meetings and events, for what purpose?

In the end, what’s most important? Show up for that.

For me, it’s easy to get sucked into the rat wheel of performance/work/production. But in the end, what I really want to show up for is relationships with family and friends, encouraging and supporting youth & youth ministers; and attending to my physical, mental, and spiritual health.

What about you?

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