May It Be So

I woke up early one morning while at the beach with my family in September 2020. I walked outside to see if I could watch the sunrise, and everything was cloudy. The waves were crashing along the shoreline. It didn’t seem like the sun would ever rise, or if it did – that I would ever see it. I sat on the sand, listening to how loud the waves were, lingering in the space between night and day. We were at the beach not so much for vacation but for my grandmother’s funeral.

Just as I was about to give up hope of seeing the sun, it made itself known.

I’m not sure what was more enjoyable, finally seeing the sun, or simply sitting in the in-between space. Gosh, that in between space is a hard space to it in. But it makes you more thankful for the sunrise when it comes.

I went back upstairs and wrote these song lyrics. And after everyone woke up, I added music to them. Soon it will be on Spotify for you to hear.

No matter what clouds are in your sky
Or how hard the waves are crashing by
The sun rises new each day
And brings forth light and hope your way

May it be so
May it be so
From the rising to the setting sun
Praises be to the Holy One

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