Confirmation Sunday; Following Jesus is Chocolate Ice Cream

Today was Confirmation Sunday at my church. We welcomed nine confirmands, two of whom were baptized during the service. It pouringwaterwas a beautiful service. I co-preached with the pastor and interrupted my part of the sermon to sing an altered version of “Do You Love Me” by the Contours (because the scripture passage was John 21: 15-19 when Jesus asks Peter, “Do you love me?” Everyone was super surprised which made it even more awesome. And we had a full house –probably just as many people as we had on Easter.

Pastor Melissa shared with the children during the children’s time about how following Jesus is like chocolate ice cream – you can’t separate the chocolate from the ice cream…and when following Jesus, you can’t separate loving God from loving neighbor. I preached about how faith and works are inseparable, interconnected. It was a fabulous service of celebrating the confirmands and their commitment to continuing on in this faith journey.

The children’s ministry (read: Sunday school teachers, with a little help from the kids) set up a super-yummy ice cream social to honor our confirmands. It was totes delish. Coffee hour today was on steroids, super hyper with tons of people eating ice cream and filling up the space with tons of energy and excitement. It was a beautiful Sunday.

Some of the confirmands gave me beautiful gifts. For some it was in the form of a hug, last night at our party. For others, it was through cards or a shawl or jewelry. I am so very blessed to be in ministry with these young people who truly care about one another and the church and who enjoy being part of such an amazing community who admits that we don’t have all the answers, admits that we are not perfect, but who commits to loving each other through this wild journey of faith.

Praise be to the One who binds us together in love.

Here are the altered lyrics I busted out during my part of the sermon:

Do you Love me? (tend my lambs)

Do you love me? (feed my sheep)

Do you love me? (do you love me)

Now that I’m alive…..

Love me now!


Work, Work, (ah, work it out Peter)

Work, Work (well, you’re gonna be a leader)

Work, work (with a little bit of soul, now)



You can heal the sick (heal the sick)

You can feed the hungry (feed the hungry)

So, tell me, Peter (tell me, Peter)

Do you really love me? (really love me)

Tell me….


Do you Love me? (tend my lambs)

Do you love me? (feed my sheep)

Do you love me? (do you love me)

Keep your faith alive…

Love me now!


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