Body Prayer of Confession

Body Prayer of Confession for Holy Week

The people around Jesus asked, who is this, who forgives sins?

The hymn sings, Amazing love! how can it be? That Thou, my God, shouldst die for me?

Yet the message that is the source of our hope is that Jesus came to restore what was broken. And the truth is, we are broken. Romans 3:23 says All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

So we come together this night, as we remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us, and we confess our sins before God. As I say a body part aloud, I invite you to put your hands on that body part as a body prayer. And as I say, Oh Lord, you respond with “have mercy on me.”  

In the silence this night we close our eyes. For turning our eyes away from you, for turning our eyes from our neighbors in need. For the things that we have seen that cause harm to others and that do not honor you.

Oh Lord, Have Mercy on Me.  

In this time of confession may we be mindful of our lips.  For the hurtful things we have said, for speaking ill of those we do not like or understand; for spreading gossip or lies. For the times we have not spoken up against injustice.

Oh Lord, Have Mercy on Me.

Keep us ever mindful of our thoughts, oh God. As we touch our foreheads: For when we have thought impure thoughts, for our quickness to judge; for when we think poorly of others. for thinking of plotting revenge instead of reconciliation.

Oh Lord, Have Mercy on Me.

We touch our feet and pray forgiveness for the places we have set foot that do not bring honor to your name. We touch our hands and pray your for your mercy for the things our hands have done to cause harm to others.

Oh Lord, Have Mercy on Me.

Our eyes, our lips, our mind, our feet, our hands – God we turn our palms up and we offer our bodies to you. These bodies that you created and called GOOD. Have mercy on us and free us from our sin so that we can honor you with our whole self; body, mind, and spirit.

And now let us open our eyes to your mercy, and let us celebrate your forgiveness.

Repeat after me: In the name of Jesus Christ, you are forgiven! Amen.

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